Welcome to Settlement Services orientation videos page. We can provide you with information and refer you to other agencies, answer your questions and help you settle into your new life in Western Australia.

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Welcome and Essentials 

In this video we welcome you to Western Australia and explore topics such as what to do in an emergency, proof of identity cards, housing including connecting you up with a service to assist with renting a house and setting up utilities for your home.


Getting around

This video provides information about the different modes of transport around Perth, such as buses, trains and ferries, taxis, cycling and driving.



In this video we discuss banking, setting up a tax file number with the Australian Tax Office and superannuation. 


Entitlements and health

In this video we explore and provide information on the Commonwealth Government service called 'My Gov', which is where you can use one login to access a number of Government services such as Centrelink and Medicare. We touch on the public and private health systems and insurance and connect you to a health service.


Playgroup, childcare and schooling 

This video will provide you with information related to the early childhood and childcare system, kindergarten, primary and secondary schooling in Western Australia.


Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require any further information that has not been covered in the above videos.


All the information provided in these videos was accurate at the time of publishing, and may be subject to change.


[Published on 30 May 2019]