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Launch of the Western Australia Designated Area Migration Agreement Program

The Western Australian Government has successfully negotiated the establishment of a Western Australian Designated Area Migration Agreement (WA DAMA)(opens in a new tab) with the Commonwealth Government. This is in response to the strong demand that still exists from employers to fill jobs in key areas of demand in Western Australia. 

The WA DAMA will be the fifth DAMA for WA, complementing the existing Goldfields, Kimberley, Pilbara and South West DAMAs.

Migration Services is currently accepting Expressions of Interest (EOI) to access the WA DAMA.

For more information on the WA DAMA, and to access the EOI, please visit theDesignated Migration Area Agreement page, or contact Migration Services on 9224 6540 or email

woman skilled migrant standing in a factory with a yellow safety, holding a transceiver and wearing blue jumpsuit
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