​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​You will need basic utility services if you decide to rent or buy a house in WA.
For domestic users, there is one provider for water and two providers for electricity and gas. Try and give as much notice as possible for the connection of each service.



To connect electricity to your home, contact one of the following:

Synergy (which services the Perth metropolitan area and the South West Interconnected System)

W: synergy.net.au​

Horizon Power (which services the Pilbara, Kimberley, Gascoyne, Mid West and Southern Goldfields regions)

W: horizonpower.com.au​


In Australia some of your appliances (oven, heating and hotplate) may be run by either gas or electricity. If your appliances are run by gas, contact one the following agencies to connect gas to your new home.


W: agl.com.au

Alinta Energy

W: alintaenergy.com.au/wa​ 


W: kleenheat.com.au

Origin Energy
W: originenergy.com.au

Simply Energy
W: simplyenergy.com.au


Each residential property is subject to a service charge and to usage charges. Every two months the Water Corporation will read your individual water meter and send you a bill for your water use and service charges.

Because of our limited water supply, Perth is subject to restrictions for watering gardens. All homes in Perth, Mandurah, Pinjarra and along the Goldfields pipeline have been allocated two specific days each week when watering with sprinklers or reticulation systems is allowed. This is based on the last digit of your house or
lot number.

Contact the Water Corporation​ for more​ information.

Sewerage and drainage

Sewerage and drainage charges for residential properties are based on the rateable value of the property. The rateable value is derived from the gross rental value (GRV) or the estimated gross annual rent which is determined by the
Office of the Valuer General. 

Contact the Water Corporation for more information.


To obtain a standard telephone service, you will need to contact a telephone company that offers services in your residential area. Different providers may offer different service and pricing packages.

​For a full list of providers, visit the Yellow Pages​.


International calling codes

Australia's international country calling code is 61.


​Calling a landline

​Western Australia’s area code is 08.

When calling a Western Australian landline number from overseas, the first 0 is dropped. Dial 618 followed by the phone number.

For example, to dial 08 9XXX XXXX from an overseas location, you would dial 618 9XXX XXXX.

​Calling a mobile

​Mobile phone numbers in Australia start with 04.

When calling a mobile phone from outside Australia, the first
0 is dropped. Dial 614 followed by the mobile phone number.

For example, to dial 04XX XXX XXX from an overseas location, you would dial 614X XXX XXX.

​Making an international call

​To make an international call from Australia, dial 0011 followed by the country dialling code, the area code. Drop the zero then enter the phone number.

To find a country dialling code, visit the White Pages website.

Interstate area dialling codes

  • Australian Capital Territory   02

  • New South Wales                 02

  • Northern Territory ​                08

  • Queensland                          07

  • South Australia                     08

  • Tasmania                              03

  • Victoria                                  03

  • Western Australia                  08



Australia Post operates the Australian mail system.