Settlement Services is an information and referral service provided to skilled migrants to assist them in establishing their life in Western Australia. 

This service is available to:

  • skilled migrants who have recently arrived in Western Australia; and

  • secondary visa holders (dependants) of skilled migrants who have recently arrived in Western Australia.

This website is a resource for skilled migrants and includes information on:

  • moving to Western Australia;

  • employment;

  • children and education;

  • health;

  • transport and services;

  • sport and recreation;

  • useful information; and

  • emergency services.

In addition, you may wish to visit the Western Australian Government website where you will find detailed information on the Western Australian State



Advice and support

If you are a skilled migrant and would like advice on settling in Western Australia, contact the Settlement Services team.  


Your input

We value your input. If there is any information that has not been included on this website that you believe would be useful to migrants wishing to settle in Western Australia, please advise our Settlement Services team.