​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Small businesses account for 95 per cent of all businesses in the State and employ around a third of its labour force. 

Most small businesses in Western Australia are in the following industries:

  • construction;

  • agriculture, forestry and fishing;

  • finance and insurance services;

  • transport, postal and warehousing; and

  • retail trade.

​There are three ways you can own a business in Western Australia.


Buy a business 

Buying an established business can be a big commitment of time, money and energy. For information on what to consider before buying a business, visit the Small Business Development Corporation website​.


Buy a franchise

Franchising is when you use another firm’s successful business model for your independently owned outlet. Read more about buying a franchise on the
Small Business Development Corporation website​


​​​Start a business

Instead of buying a pre-existing business, you may want to start your own.
There is much more involved in starting a new business than buying an existing business (with proven cash flow and profits). 

Visit the Small Business Development Corporation website​ to make sure this option is right for you.


Immigrant Business Networking Association

The Immigrant Business Networking Association (IBNA) aims to empower migrants to achieve greater success and prosperity in their business. IBNA educates and connects migrants providing them with the support they need to succeed professionally, achieve their business goals and integrate into the Australian culture and community.

To find out more and enquire about membership visit the IBNA website