​​​​The Commonwealth Government has announced that people who have been invited to apply for a protection visa (SHEV or TPV) must submit their application before 1 October 2017. If you need advice or assistance with your application please attend the community hub located at Riverview Church. This is a free and confidential service.

There are two types of protection visas available for people who arrived in Australia illegally and the Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV) (subclass 790) allows those granted this visa to remain in Australia for five years.​

If you are a SHEV holder and have been working without accessing special benefit payments and/or studying full time for at least three and a half years in a nominated* area in regional Australia; and are assessed by the Commonwealth Government to meet the SHEV pathway requirements​, you may be eligible to apply for a prescribed substantive onshore visa (but not a permanent protection visa).


*Nominated areas in Western Australia

The following postcodes are the nominated areas in regional Western Australia:

  • 6041 to 6044;

  • 6055 to 6056;

  • 6069;

  • 6076;​

  • 6083 to 6084;

  • 6111;

  • 6121 to 6126; and

  • 6200 to 6799.

These nominated postcode areas are within the regions shown in grey on the map below.

Perth and surrounding areas are excluded in addition to some very remote areas in the Pilbara and Goldfields-Esperance regions.

The Commonwealth Government is responsible for advising on nominated areas eligible for the SHEV program.

Refer to the Department of Home Affairs​ website​ for
up to date information.

Visit the Regional Western Au​stralia​ section​ for more inform​ation about major towns and cities, industries, and education and training options in the regional areas.​


Jobs and Skills Centres

TAFE Jobs and Skills Centres are one-stop shops for career, training and employment advice and assistance that exists within the nominated regions. Services are free and centres are located on TAFE campuses throughout Western Australia.

To find your nearest Jobs and Skills Centres, call 13 64 64 or visit jobsandskills.wa.gov.au


Community services

The Office of Multicultural Interests website​ provides a list of Western Australian agencies that may provide you with assistance or services.


Schools in Western Australia

There are three main types of schools available in Western Australia:

For more information on the SHEV program, view the Frequently asked questions​ page, Stakeholders fact sheet​​​ and SHEV holders fact sheet​​ or visit the Department of Home Affairs website​.

For more information on settling in Western Australia, visit the
Settlement information section​.​