​​​​​​A plumbing tradesperson's licence is required to work as a plumber (general) in Western Australia. When you have completed your practical trades skills assessment through Trades Recognition Australia and received your Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR), complete the following steps to receive your licence.

  1. Apply for a provisional tradesperson's licence by submitting your application and OTSR to the Plumbers Licensing board which is administered by the Building Commission. This will allow you to start working under the supervision of a licensed plumbing contractor while you undertake the Australian context training.         
    Provisional licences are only valid for one year and any training and work experience required for your plumbing tradesperson's licence must be completed within this time. 

  2. Enrol to complete the Australian context training (Certificate III in Plumbing – CPC32408 – Migrant Gap Training) which includes a requirement for both on and off the job training and assessment. You can only complete the training with a registered training organisation (RTO) approved by the Plumbers Licensing Board. There are currently two approved RTOs in Western Australia:

  3. MPA Skills where you can complete the Introduction to Western Australian Plumbing Standards course; and

    South Metropolitan TAFE.

  4. Once you have successfully completed the Australian context training you will be eligible to apply for a full plumbing tradesperson's licence. You must hold, or within the six months preceding the application, have held a provisional tradesperson's licence to apply.

  5. You can now apply to the RTO that delivered your context training to receive your Australian qualification. Alternatively, you can take your OTSR and evidence of Australian context training to the RTO that conducted your skills assessment.

If you wish to work with gas, you will also require a G class gas permit.

If you are interested in supervising or certifying plumbing work, or submitting notices to the Plumbers Licensing Board, you can apply for a plumbing contractor's licence which may require further training.

For further information on the licensing of plumbers in other Australian states and territories visit the Licence Recognition website.