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Western Australia has an innovative mindset that has sparked projects and initiatives across world-leading industries such as energy, mining and technology, space, defence, health and medical sciences, primary industries, education, tourism, events and the arts.

​​​​Mining and resources

The Western Australian economy is largely dominated by the mining and resources sector. Western Australia’s land is like no other, rich with resources (iron-ore, gold, natural gas and diamonds) that are mined, processed and exported all over the world.​

Western Australia has the largest concentration of global resource companies in Australia with companies like BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, FMG and Woodside located in Perth.


Western Australia boasts vast expanses of land with unique flora and fauna, and beautiful waterways. 

The State produces several products for Australia and the international export market:

  • wheat, barley and other grains;

  • wool, lamb and beef;

  • seafood (western rock lobsters, prawns, crabs, shark and tuna); and

  • wine.


The manufacturing of mined resources (engineering metals, shipbuilding, petrol and diesel) form a large proportion of this industry.

Food manufacturing and processing from the agricultural industry contribute strongly to the economy.


As Australia's largest state, Western Australia is home to a diverse range of landscapes, wildlife and culinary experiences.


Tourists can head north to discover dramatic red coastline, the world's largest fringing reef and stunning wilderness, or south for exquisite wine, magnificent surf and swimming beaches, and tall tree forests.


Perth is an appealing destination with welcoming people, magnificent scenery and unique natural attractions. 


Western Australia is home to top-rated education institutions with more than 125 high-quality education providers including schools, colleges, pathway providers, English language institutions and universities (our five universities are ranked in the top 40 worldwide in many subjects).


Perth looks forward to welcoming international students in to the Western Australian community, which has an increasingly multicultural community. Perth has been ranked in the top 30 in the world for best student mix.


Free Skilled Migrant Employment Register now available!

18 July 2022

The new Skilled Migrant Employment Register is a free initiative supporting employers and skilled migrants to connect to build the Western Australian workforce.

Skilled migrants seeking employment can indicate their interest to connect with the Western Australian workforce by completing the registration form. Once registered, de-identified details are published on the Skilled Migrant Employment Register, indicating to employers the interest to gain employment in Western Australia.

Employers have the opportunity to review the Skilled Migrant Employment Register to identify talent that may align with their business needs, and connect with a skilled migrant.

For more information, visit Skilled Migrant Employment Register.

The WA Government's management of COVID-19 has helped keep the state's economy strong and stable. With world class education, healthy job opportunities and strong public health management, there is no better or safer place to live, work and study than WA.

Fun Fact
The Perth Mint is the world's oldest mint still operating from its original premises producing coins and gold products.