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The WA Government has made changes to its migration program to support skilled workers looking to migrate to Western Australia including increasing occupations eligible for skilled migration in WA by around 60 per cent.


New occupations have been added to the Western Australian Skilled Migration Occupation List Schedule 1 (WASMOL Schedule 1) and the Western Australian Skilled Migration Occupation List Schedule 2 (WASMOL Schedule 2).


The list of newly available occupations can be found on the WA State Nomination – combined occupation list.  


The WA Government has also waived the $200 application fee and has made changes to the requirements for new applicants as of 1 July 2022, including:

Removal of the requirement to demonstrate sufficient funds for WA State nomination.

Reduction in the English requirements for applicants at the Manager and Professional occupation level to the "competent" level of English.

Changes to the document requirements for the WASMOL Schedule 1&2 and the Graduate Occupation lists based on the visa the applicant is being nominated for.


The next round of invitations to apply for WA State nomination are anticipated to be issued in the third week of September 2022.



For more information on the State Nominated Migration Program and the new requirements visit the About State nomination page.

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