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Joining the WA workforce

Western Australia (WA) has recently been experiencing some of its lowest unemployment rates, with widespread skill shortages across many sectors and parts of the state opening up fantastic employment opportunities.

Home to some of Australia’s fastest growing industries, offering a diverse range of opportunities for future graduates, and with wages consistently above the national average, it’s easy to see why WA is such a desirable place to work and live!

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Finding employment

The current job market in WA is strong. Our valuable mining industry continues to be one of WA’s largest employers; while opportunities for employment in healthcare, information technology and education are also on the rise.

Most services can only be accessed after you have arrived in WA. In preparation of your arrival, you can research services so that you are organised when you arrive.

Here's some tips to help you prepare to join the WA workforce, to make sure you can take advantage of the opportunities available.

WA peak industry bodies
Research the local peak bodies for your industry and get in touch with them. 

Conduct a simple internet search for "Western Australian <industry> peak body" to find relevant organisations.

They may be aware of job opportunities or point you in the direction of how to connect with WA employers.

WA industry employers
Research the main local employers in your industry, contact them or check if they advertise vacancies on their websites.

You'll need to make sure that your resume or CV is up to date, and easy for local employers to understand.

Free advice and assistance
Visit the Jobs and Skills WA website(opens in a new tab) for information on writing a resume and job applications, and preparing for interviews.

Once you have arrived in WA, you can visit a Jobs and Skills Centre for free careers, training and employment advice and assistance. Jobs and Skills Centre locations can be found on the Jobs and Skills WA website(opens in a new tab).

Qualifications and references 
Make sure you organise translated copies of your qualifications and references(opens in a new tab) so that you can include them in your job applications. 

Department of Employment and Workplace Relations
You can find information on employment, jobs, careers, training and working conditions on the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations website(opens in a new tab).

Online job search platforms offer search services to help you find the best opportunities for your skills and expertise. 

From matching algorithms to curated job listings, platforms such as Adzuna(opens in a new tab)CareerOne​(opens in a new tab)Indeed(opens in a new tab), and SEEK​(opens in a new tab) can make it easier to find and secure employment.

You can also check the free online jobs board on the Jobs and Skills WA website(opens in a new tab), to find employment opportunities. 

A recruitment service could help you transition seamlessly into the WA workforce.

A simple internet search for ‘Western Australian recruitment services’ will provide you with details of numerous recruitment organisations.

How we can help

Skilled Migrant Job Connect

Skilled Migration Job Connect is a new initiative supporting migrants to overcome barriers and secure sustainable employment in the WA workforce, commensurate with their formal overseas qualifications, skills and experience. 

It can help you to access employment support, and subsidies for related services such as skills assessment for employment purposes; obtaining occupational licences; undertaking any gap training needed to meet Australian licensing requirements; and obtain relevant registrations or licences.

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Skilled Migrant Employment Register

The new Skilled Migrant Employment Register is a free initiative supporting skilled migrants to connect with employers across WA who have employment opportunities available and are looking for skilled workers, to build their workforce. 

If you're a skilled migrant who would like to connect with WA employers, you can add your details to the Register. Employers looking for skilled workers can then find your details on the Register, and WA Migration Services will arrange for them to contact you with details about the employment opportunity.


Guide to WA industries

WA has an innovative mindset that has sparked projects and initiatives across world leading industries such as energy, mining and technology, space, defence, health and medical sciences, primary industries, education, tourism, events and the arts.

WA has one of the top performing economies in the world and it is continuing to grow. Our economy is export oriented, with export industries supporting employment across the State. 

Around half of Australia’s yearly export goods originate from WA; including minerals, petroleum, agri-food and specialised manufactured goods.

Some key industries are outlined below.

A sheep farmer watching over his flock

You can also look through the menu in the Get that job section of the Jobs and Skills WA website(opens in a new tab) for detailed information on WA's leading industries including aged care, information and communications technology, the resources sector, the defence industry, and tourism and hospitality.

WAs exciting project pipeline

Through a new planning and consultation strategy, the WA Government will deliver economic stimulus projects to protect current jobs and maximise employment across the state. There's currently a variety of jobs available across a range of projects in WA, such as:

We’re creating employment opportunities and offering secure, quality jobs across a variety of industries.

The WA Government project pipeline contains a list of future projects, enabling WA businesses to prepare for major tenders, sustaining companies across the state and creating local jobs.

You can keep up to date with the pipeline of current and future WA Government infrastructure projects here(opens in a new tab).