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Skilled Migration Job Connect

Western Australia is such a great place to work and live, with fantastic employment opportunities for skilled migrants across a range of exciting industries and occupations.

To assist and support newly arrived skilled migrants to make meaningful connections and overcome barriers to securing employment here in Western Australia, the State Government is investing $4.25 million into a range of programs and services through Job Connect.

We want to help you make the most of these opportunities, and to find work where your skills and experience are valued.

But we also understand that you may need a little extra support to make that happen, and that's where our Skilled Migration Job Connect program can help! 

Click below to find out more about settlement services, free workplace training and mentoring programs, and available subsidies.

Settlement Services and support

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Our specialist Settlement Services team offers free information, referrals and support to help you and your family settle into your new life here in WA. We also offer a free walk-in service, if you would like to meet with us in person.

Regional Settlement services

The expansion of settlement services to the regions aims to assist newly arrived migrants, particularly in the first 12 months of regional settlement, to make meaningful connections, overcome barriers to securing employment and participate as soon as fully possible in Western Australia’s economy and society.

Contact one of our regional providers:

Kimberley - West

(Shire of Broome and Shire of Derby)

Broome Chamber of Commerce

W: in a new tab)


T: 08 9193 5553

Mid West

Centacare Family Services, Geraldton in a new tab) 

T: 08 9921 1433 

Great Southern             

Rainbow Coast Neighbourhood Centre

W: in a new tab)

T: 08 9841 8254 

Kimberley - East

(Shire of Wyndham and Shire of Halls Creek)

East Kimberley Chamber of Commerce and Industry in a new tab)


T: 0429 484 662


Regional Development Australia Pilbara in a new tab)

T: 0499 325 584

A map of Western Australia separated into the 10 regional areas

Workplace Training and Mentoring programs

Australian Red Cross has been awarded funding through the Job Connect program to continue delivery of the City of Stirling's highly successful Kaleidoscope Initiative and expand the service to regional WA.

Would you like free training to prepare you for employment in your chosen profession in WA?

In partnership with Australian Red Cross, Evolve WA will deliver a free five-day Workplace Readiness Training workshop covering workplace communication, employment rights, pay and obligations to prepare skilled migrants for employment in WA.

Workshop sessions are now available, including the possibility of online delivery and alternative times.

Migrants who complete all five days of the Workplace Readiness Training workshop, will be eligible to access the Mentoring Program.

Would you like free specialist guidance to help you connect with your chosen profession in WA?

The free Mentoring Program aims to connect migrants with an Australian mentor to improve their employment potential in WA through a 12-week course of one-on-one mentor meetings.

Mentor’s will work with mentees to increase their knowledge of recruitment processes, understand their profession locally, and build professional networks to connect with well-matched WA employment opportunities.

To access the Mentoring Program, migrants must complete the free five-day Workplace Readiness Training workshop.

Skilled Migrant Job Connect Subsidy program

To assist you in gaining employment in Western Australia that aligns with your overseas qualification, skills and experience the Skilled Migrant Job Connect Subsidy program aims to provide financial assistance so you can access approved services such as licensing, registration and skills assessments for employment purposes.
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Eligibility requirements and approved services

The following information goes into detail on eligibility requirements, a list of approved employment-related services, and service providers who you can contact.

How to register to become a Job Connect Subsidy Claimant

The following information explains how you can register to become a Job Connect Subsidy Claimant to allow you to submit a claim.

To register as a Job Connect Subsidy claimant, you must complete the Skilled Migrant Job Connect Subsidy registration form, and provide information about the approved service you intend to claim for.

Once we receive your registration form, the Job Connect team will allocate you a unique identifier (eg JCS001) that you can quote for future claims.

By submitting the Skilled Migrant Job Connect Subsidy registration form, you agree to comply with the Skilled Migrant Job Connect Terms and Conditions(opens in a new tab).

You will need to provide supporting evidence and documents to demonstrate that you meet the eligibility requirements and the Terms and conditions(opens in a new tab).

Any supporting evidence and documents you submit should be high-quality colour copies of the original and include English translation if applicable.

Examples of the types of supporting evidence and documents you will need to prepare are listed below. 

Other supporting evidence and documents may be requested to support your claim.

Providing the supporting evidence and documents listed below and/or as requested does not guarantee that your claim will be approved.

Job Connect claimant registration and re-validation requirementsExamples of suitable evidence
That you are onshore and residing in WA

At least one of the following:

  • Drivers licence or
  • Residential lease agreement or
  • Utility bill or
  • Phone bill or
  • Copy of a recent bank statement (local to Australia)
That you have arrived in WA within the last 10 years

Visa grant notification and

Flight details of arriving in Western Australia and

Evidence of previous employment in WA

That you currently hold a valid visa with working rights

Visa grant notification including conditions of visa approval and

Visa notification within passport and

Current and valid VEVO check

That you are actively seeking or have obtained WA employment in an occupation aligning with your formal overseas qualifications, skills and experience, as at 1 January 2023

Current CV/resume (which includes overseas and Australian employment) or

Evidence of overseas or Australian employment references.


Copy of employment offer or

Employment contract (where employment commenced after 1 January 2023) or

Job application/s (within 3 months of claim) and job advertisement with the requirements

That you are an approved Job Connect Subsidy claimantProvide evidence of personal unique Job Connect identifier
Subsidy claim application requirementsSuitable evidence
That you have received an approved service

Receipt invoice for service received, clearly indicating date and service received on service provider letter head and

Outcome of service provided (including but not limited to: a copy of the licence, certificate or registration) and

Copy of a recent bank statement identifying the payment of service being claimed was paid for by yourself

How the approved service is related to WA employment in an occupation aligning with your formal overseas qualifications, skills and experience

Job Description for proposed employment position or

Job advertisement including mandatory requirements or

Employment contract

How the approved service will help you to gain WA employment at the skill level of the occupation that aligns with your formal overseas qualification/s, skills and experience

Qualification based evidence:

Overseas qualifications (in English or include a certified translated copy in English); or

Valid skills assessment (where the skills assessment has been granted based on studies completed overseas. Skills Assessments that have been granted based on the completion of an Australian qualification cannot be considered).

Evidence of an assessment completed by the Overseas Qualifications Unit may also be provided, but will be used in conjunction with other supporting evidence.


Skills and experience based evidence:

Current CV/resume (which includes overseas  employment); or

Evidence of overseas or Australian employment references; 

Once you receive an email confirmation from our Job Connect team confirming your registration, you can reply via email and submit your supporting evidence and documents.

Being successfully registered as a Job Connect claimant does not guarantee that your subsidy claim will be approved. 

Once the assessment of your claim begins, you may be asked to provide further information by email.

You will have the opportunity to request a review of your Job Connect Subsidy claim outcome.

Your review request should outline clearly why a review is required.

Please email your completed Request a review form to

All requests to review must be received by WA Migration Services within 14 calendar days of the date of the email advising of the outcome of the Job Connect Subsidy claim.