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Welcome to the Migration WA Portal

The Migration WA Portal is a one-stop shop, offering front door access to a centralised range of migration initiatives, to:

  • connect and support skilled migrants and their families to settle and work in Western Australia; and 
  • support local industry and employers looking to build their workforce through skilled migration.

As part of the State Government’s response to skills demand, the new Migration WA Portal is helping employers connect with migrants who want to join the workforce and build a life in Western Australia.

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Skilled Migrant Employment Register

To get people into jobs faster, the Skilled Migrant Employment Register offers an automated job matching function which makes suitable employer matches sooner, and allows:

  • migrants to promote their desired employment occupation/s, location, skills, and experience to employers with current WA vacancies; and
  • employers to register WA job vacancies so they can easily connect with registered migrants who match their vacancy needs.

Skilled Migrants

If you are a skilled migrant, you can connect with current WA job vacancies by registering via the Portal to be a part of the Skilled Migrant Employment Register.

Employers with WA job vacancies

If you are an employer with current job vacancies in WA, you can easily connect with migrants who match your vacancy needs by registering via the Portal to join the Skilled Migrant Employment Register.

With a wealth of talented migrants and verified employers, the Register is helping to connect skilled migrants with WA Jobs.

Skilled Migrant Job Connect Subsidy Program

Established to remove barriers and connect migrants to employment in WA, the Skilled Migrant Job Connect Subsidy program (the Subsidy) is the second service available through the Portal. 

The Subsidy aims to remove barriers by providing reimbursements of up to $7,500 to offset these costs so that onshore migrants can gain employment in WA in an occupation that aligns with their overseas qualifications, skills, and experience.

Skilled Migrants

If you are a skilled migrant seeking WA employment that aligns with your formal overseas qualifications, skills and experience, you can register via the Portal to access the Skilled Migrant Job Connect Subsidy Program.

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