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Skilled Migrant Job Connect Subsidy program now available in the Migration WA Portal

The Skilled Migrant Job Connect Subsidy program (the Subsidy) is the second service available through the State Government’s newly launched Migration WA Portal. 

The Migration WA Portal allows migrants to submit a Subsidy registration, claim request, and supporting documents at a convenient save-as-you-go pace, through easy-to-follow prompts.

We understand the cost to undertake skills assessments, gap training, and occupational licensing can be a barrier for onshore migrants.

That’s where the Subsidy can assist, by providing reimbursements of up to $7,500 to offset these costs so that onshore migrants can gain employment in WA in an occupation that aligns with their overseas qualifications, skills, and experience, providing more skills for the WA economy.

Delivering much needed support to the State’s skilled workforce, the Subsidy is removing barriers and connecting onshore migrants to employment in WA.

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