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Terms and Conditions - State Nominated Migration Program

WA Migration Services, on behalf of the WA State Government, provides WA State nomination to eligible applicants

It is important to note that the WA Government's State nominated migration program (SNMP) has particular obligations and other conditions that are important for any prospective migrant to be aware of.

Please read the following terms and conditions very carefully, so you are fully informed of the key aspects of WA's SNMP and its related obligations.

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WA State nomination obligation

Receiving WA State nomination means you commit to living and working in WA for the first two years of arriving in WA, or upon a successful visa grant (if currently residing in WA).

In addition, you agree to:

  • advise Migration Services of your visa application outcome from the Department of Home Affairs, and if approved, and you are living outside Western Australia, your migration plans and expected arrival date into Western Australia;
  • register your contact details with Migration Services within 28 days of your arrival (or of your visa grant if you are already living in Western Australia);
  • keep Migration Services informed of your contact details prior to arriving in Western Australia and while living in Western Australia for a period of two years;
  • complete registration and settlement surveys upon request for two years;
  • the Western Australian Government contacting you in relation to your nomination at any stage during your visa period; and
  • notify Migration Services if there are any changes to your original proposal.

WA State nomination conditions

The State's nomination process (either for an invitation to apply or for an actual nomination) is not a guarantee of employment and you understand that the WA State Government is not responsible for securing you or any of your family member's employment in WA. It is also important to note that occupations on the State's own skilled migration occupation lists are not for specific employment vacancies, and are subject to change.

The conditions for some occupations in particular industries or sectors can sometimes be quite variable, and at times change quickly.

With this in mind, prospective migrants are strongly encouraged to do their own research into the employment market conditions and future career prospects in WA, for their particular occupation and field of expertise.

To help connect skilled migrants with the WA workforce, the State Government has established the Skilled Migrant Employment Register, a free initiative supporting employers and skilled migrants to connect and to build the WA workforce. For more information visit the Skilled migrant employment register page(opens in a new tab).

As part of your application for WA State nomination you understand and acknowledge that:

  • WA's labour market conditions may vary significantly as the employment market fluctuates at different times of the year and from year to year;
  • you have researched relevant employment opportunities in WA and are satisfied there are sufficient employment / career opportunities in your nominated occupation in WA;
  • you need to be realistic about employment expectations as it can take some time to secure employment;
  • you understand that you will compete for employment vacancies with all people in the labour market as part of the normal selection process; and
  • while there is no State requirement to demonstrate settlement funds, you are strongly encouraged to have sufficient funds to settle and establish yourself and any accompanying family – this is particularly important given that in Australia, there are certain waiting periods that new migrants have to meet before they are able to claim employment supports and other welfare payments. For more information please visit the Services Australian website(opens in a new tab).

If your occupation requires you to be registered or licensed to be able to work in WA, you understand that a positive skills assessment and State nomination does not guarantee that you will also meet the licensing and/or registration requirements applicable to your occupation, and that you will need to verify your suitability with the relevant licensing and registration authority.

For example, to work as a health practitioner in Australia you need to apply for and be registered with the relevant National Board, and many trades such as electricians, refrigeration mechanics and plumbers also require licensing.

The costs and processes for various occupational licensing and/or registration can be quite variable depending on a number of factors, and so it is strongly encouraged that you understand, and where possible, verify your own suitability for any of these occupational specific requirements prior to applying for a visa/arriving in WA.

For more broad information please visit the Getting your skills recognised section(opens in a new tab). For specific information on registration requirements for the health sector please visit the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency AHPRA website(opens in a new tab).

Please note these links are not comprehensive guides to all registration, licensing, professional membership and other industry requirements for all of the occupations that are eligible for WA's State nomination migration program, so it is up to you to do your own thorough research for what your occupation may require.

If you provide false or misleading information as part of your State nomination application, your application may be declined. False and misleading information may also be reported to the Commonwealth Department of Home Affairs who can conduct their own investigation.

We conduct verification checks on the documents you provide. This includes contacting employers and institutions directly to confirm whether the documents are genuine.

If you are aware of instances, or yourself are pressured to submit an application with false and misleading information, we encourage you to report this to the Department of Home Affairs.

We do not provide renomination in the following instances:

  • where you do not submit your visa application within 60 days; or

  • if the details of your expression of interest were incorrect when we nominated you in SkillSelect, including points claimed by you or your agent; or

  • if your English test or skills assessment has expired.

If an applicant has been nominated for any skilled subclass (either 190 or 491), they cannot be nominated again in the same program year.

WA Migration Services may consider re-inviting applicants for WA State nomination in exceptional circumstances.